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Our Rates


Dustless Blasting Rates

Dustless Blasting     call us for a quote on your project.  All of our quotes include all the material we use so you know your price up front.

Parking Lot Lines    starting at $20/line

Boats     $40/foot (measured on 1 side, bow to stern plus half the transom width

Sandblasting Rates

Sandblasting     Call us for a quote on your project

Tire Rims    starting at $25/rim 


Mileage rate    $.50/km

Get a quote for your job

Contact us with the details!  We will give you a custom quote.  Attaching pictures helps  us give you an accurate quote.

What affects the time needed to sandblast?

Sandblasting and Dustless Blasting are highly effective for removing paint and surface contaminants on a variety of surfaces.  The time it takes depends on a variety of factors including:

  • Type of paint (powder coating nearly doubles the time)
  • Number of layers of paint
  • Amount of rust, if any
  • The surface itself

Shop Rates

Agricultural Equipment $80/hour

Call-out Fee $55

Small Engine $60